Finelly again a hair Xperience event at Gorinchem.
It was a small one and not a lot of shows & a little for hair-shopping.


Today I was at the Hair X-perience event at Gorinchem!
Have seen the J.P.Myrne show and the Wahl trainer R.Versluis, making shaving figures.


At Gorinchem the first hairfair the Hair X-perience.
Nice event with shows from Trinity haircare and Pivot point.
Seen a lot of updo, make nice picture's and it's a fine event.


Visited the Hairstyle 2017 Belgie at Kortrijk.
See the shows of Angelo Fraccica and William de Ridder
and Darryn Pitman by Dear Barber.(=Barber of the year 2016)
New pic's: Events & Show 144 till 153.


This morning at Gorinchem i have visit the external care fair.
Not much hairdresser, seen a lot of nails and make-up's /bodypantings!
Three pictures of cosmetician geisha's new: Events 140 till 142.


Tonight i'm visit the Wella EIMI show at Rotterdam.
Verry nice, again 4 picture's placed at 'Events'.


Visit today the Hairproject event at Belgie!
See the great show from William de Ridder at Events&Show 127 till 135.

Tonight seen the Keune color-show neer Maarsen at de Fabrique.
Verry nice I placed two pictures at Events&Show!


Been too TheHairProject at Ahoy Rotterdam.
Make 7 new pictures.
The event was not so great as it was befor,
not a longhair-show (12.30) and the kinki-show was verry short!
So smaller & more expensive, and less to shop. :(


Give the site a-update, at a new picture-script.
And checking al the old links.


On the Hairstyle at Belgie today, and take some new picture's.
Seen the show from Alexandre de paris, new picture's : 114/115/116/117.


Visit a nice Hairstyle event at Kortrijk (Belgium) today.
Seen the shows of Xantippe, Carlo Bay en Willliam de Ridder.
New 'Event & Show' pictures: 108 till 113.


The Hairstyle at Ahoy was not so great this year.
No nice shows with inovative hairdressings,
and more general at looking good!
(New pictures : 105, 106 & 107)


Finally make something working,
The old guestbook of xdh is readable online now.


Been at the Elf Fantasy Fair on castle Haarzuilens.
And a fuw nice pictures for 'Street styles' (85 till 90).

15 & 16-02-2009

Sadly I mist the Hairstyle beurs this year at Kortrijk :( bales!


Today i've been to Kunsthal at Rotterdam.
And see the exposition of Herlinde Koelbl : 'HAIR'.
A nice and innovative collection of hair pictures,
now 2 pic's by Beurs, number 103 and 104.


I have bought a new domainname,
and also found a new hosting.
The new name for the site will be WWW.MHAIR.NL!


Today I was at the Hairstyle event,
and at Keune I saw a great show!
And made 11 pictures for 'Events & Shows'.


I have find out that the surver XDH gone end at 2009 ;(
Bizzy to find a new place for my site now!


Today I've been to Kortrijk/Belgie at the Hairstyle!
And made a fuw picture's for 'Events and Shows'.


Have a class today for 'Create to shave' at K.O.C.,
Learn an amount of handy and funny things !


Been at a open day of the Grime.
And make 4 beautiful pic's (Events) of wigs,
they are made at a bathing cap with hemp-hair!


The webpage is in the paper today!
At a advertisement of the salon inside 'De Goudse Post'.


This year again a Lowlands week-end, at 6 'Seen' pic's!


The biggest number of visitors past today,
till now : 348 at one day! :) cheer.


Today I have visit the Hairstyle at Ahoy Rotterdam,
and made a lott off pic's (14) for 'Events & Show'


Been to Amstelveen at colour-class by Wella,
seen a lott of new and funny things... (Colour-pic!)


There was a competition at the I.D.college Gouda,
made some updo pic's for 'Event & show'.


There are fiftythousend visitors,
and lately I have a lot of spam in my guestbook.


Hurray : Learned a lot off new updo stuff at the follow-up
Long-hair inspiration class on K.O.C. in Nieuwegein!


Today I have visit a class at the Heads-Academy at Rotterdam,
for the Style selector 2006 : learned a new cutting technic ... FUN.


Won another Award for my site!


This weekend I have seen a lot of special cuts at Lowlands,
and put them under 'Street styles' !


A picture of my site was "borrowd" becourse someone else was not so creative,
only with the copie/paste button! :(
Thats why iv'e made a copyright part...


Today i've got a Golden Award from http://www.siterecensie.com
I'm verry happy with it!


I went to the event at Kortrijk (Belgie) and made some new pics for 'Event & Shows'!


I've visited a hairfestival, and the greatest pics are placed in 'Event & Show'.


A funny new chapter came up. With fun pics / photo's of "hair" found on the I-net.


A lot of changes have been made to the colours of the site (purple/yellow).
And some new pics at 'Seen' made by music festival: Lowlands.


A new part: Pics taken at the hairevent (Gouden tulp) and from
a contest and show at a hairdressers school.


After a long time, I made a lot of new hairstyle's!


Verry busy to make new pics,some old and dark one's are deleted...


I have made a new part, with a series of pics with a text to
explanation how to make a updo hairstyle yourself.


A new headline came up: Seen on the streets!
All pics taken of funnie / exclusive hairstyles witch's I have seen on the street.


The English site is online!!!


The site is in English now. Before I had only a dutch site. Now everyone around the
world can look at this website.


After a few problems I have fixed the guestbook. The text was not readeble.
I made a statistics page so everyone can see how the site is doing.
I hope the site is working now.


I am Online!!!!!!!


A couple of days ago I met Djuke. He made a map for me so I can upload the page.
I also get a new e-mail acount. I can get the page togeter now and upload it.


I'm making a lot of hairstyles. It is starting to look very nice. Sometimes the
pics are not clear. So I need to take them again.


Lots of people are asking me how long it will take before I get the site online.
Meenwhile I am trying to find the right colors for the site. It takes a lot of time.
I have very often contact with my friend Robert. He helps me to make this page.


I'm starting to make different hairstyles. In the beginning the styles wil be on slip-ons.
I hope to make the styles on different models in the future. When I have models,
the pics wil be replaced.


After long thinking I found a name for the site. The name wil be www.mariska.xdh.nl
and the site wil be about Hair styles. The full name wil be Mariska's eXtreme Design Hairsite.


Today I have got an e-mail from Djuke. I can get some room on his server for a site.
The only thing we need to think about is a name (this may take a while!).


I asked Djuke if I can put a site on his server if I make one.

This site is owned by Mariska Straver.